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Stuff Toys, Teddy Bear, Plush Toys, Rattle & Teethers

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Rs. 576.00

*Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies This cutesy rag doll was made thinking of the spring days in which the fields are full of flowers so get your girl meet this beautiful doll with blue eyes and a cheerful face! This is very adorable and perfect for a little girl as a gift ♥. It has beautiful yarn hair that is tied...

Rs. 416.00

*Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies: Made of soft and high quality material, use with comfort and reassurance. Cute appearance will attract babies' attention greatly. Carry with hanging hook, convenient for hanging over the bed/stroller. With build-in vibrator, the doll can vibrate when the legs being pulled down. Build-in BB device, lets out the "BB" sound when...

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Rs. 733.00

 *Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies: The Caterpillar is very bright, lovely shape and it's body is composed of different colours, very soft, can let the baby feel different texture and color. Superior design, fine workmanship, superior materials in feel and appearance. And the baby lying together, so cute, baby can also holding rolling on the bed. Features: Musical...

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Rs. 227.00

*Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies: Even before your baby sports their first tooth, it's a good idea to start caring for their gums. You can use the Banana Teething Toothbrush for Infants. Babies love this soft, banana-shaped tooth brush. Either you can brush their teeth for them, or they'll be happy to hold this toothbrush on...

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Rs. 393.00

* Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies:  Baby's sense of vision is sure to be engaged with this bright and high-contrast colored Grip and Rattle Ball. The Rattle has easy to grip loops with multiple textures for baby to explore. The center ball has rattle beads to introduce baby to the concept of cause-and-effect. Features: This mesmerizing...

Rs. 310.00

* Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies: This rattle offers simple, engaging fun that’s easy to take anywhere, or enjoy at home.  The soothing sound and motion of a traditional rattle, but with so much more to see and do!  Features: Material: Soft Plush Size: 15*12.5 cm approx Age Range:  0 - 3 years old

Rs. 275.00

Delivered in 4 - 8 weeks * Item Specifies: This animal musical rattle is known to have calming effect on babies with its bright colours and bold patterns are visually appropriate for baby’s developing vision! The rich sounding music is soothing to baby and further develops memory and concentration.  Features: Material: Plush Style: Elephant, Lion, Cat Size: 22*8 cm approx...